Renew Balance Red Bag Program

Partnering To Provide Continuing Care for the Bereaved Family

The loss of a spouse or partner can be traumatic and unsettling, especially for those who have spent many years together as a couple. Not being able to share the day with someone is a very new experience. The onset of depression can quickly follow without the family noticing. At Home Care Assistance, we offer senior care options for depression to help your loved one transition and not feel alone.

Many times the remaining loved one does not want to eat, drink or take care of themselves. Their physical hygiene begins to deteriorate as well. Home Care Assistance caregivers can help before it becomes a major issue.

Our Balanced Care Method™ Promotes a Better Quality Life

Home Care Assistance has a method designed to work with funeral homes to renew balance to the partner or spouse in need. This method covers five major aspects of health and wellness, which is based on a study of seniors living in Okinawa, Japan with the longest lifespan in the world. The Balanced Care Method™ is exclusive to our company and focuses on total body health for quality of life.

Caregivers are trained and certified in the program that focuses on quality of life issues. Our care includes meal planning, food preparation, physical activities, social interaction and mental activities. All necessary to help maintain a better quality of life. We also offer light housekeeping, bathing, dressing, laundry, transportation for errands and doctor visits and so much more.

Call (954) 374-8273 today to speak with a Client Care Professional to discuss senior care options and begin the process to a renewed balance after the death of a loved one and a better quality of life.