5 Ways to Decrease Recovery Time for Stroke Survivors

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How to Lower Recovery Time for Stroke Survivors in Pembroke Pines, FL

The steps seniors take immediately after having strokes can have a huge impact on their recovery. In addition to boosting their physical health, they must also take care of their emotional wellbeing if they want to enjoy long and fulfilling lives. Luckily, stroke treatments and rehab services are more effective than ever, and some dedicated seniors can fully recover from these cardiovascular events in a matter of months. Here are a few strategies for recovering from a stroke quickly.

1. Take Immediate Action

After a stroke has occurred, seniors and their caregivers must act immediately. When one of these events is caught in its earliest stages, doctors can carry out a wide variety of treatments to minimize long-term damage, including administering clot-destroying medication that greatly reduces the risk of a second stroke. The medical team might also suggest beginning range-of-motion exercises right away so the nerves and muscles remain healthy. 

2. Make the Most of Inpatient Therapy

Once your senior loved one has been discharged from the hospital, he or she will most likely be sent to an inpatient center. The first few weeks are likely to be very tiring, but your loved one needs to remain dedicated to recovery to get back on his or her feet as quickly as possible. During the stay at the inpatient center, your loved one will probably meet with many different specialists, including occupational therapists, speech pathologists, and dietitians.

3. Attend Follow-Up Medical Appointments

Depending on the severity of the stroke and your loved one’s overall health, he or she might be able to leave the inpatient center within two or three weeks. Before leaving that center, the medical team is going to provide a long-term recovery plan that must be followed at home. Your loved one will also need to see his or her medical specialists a few times a week so he or she can continue to make progress. To speed up recovery, your loved one must go to all of those medical appointments. 

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4. Get Proper Nutrition

Even if your loved one had a relatively healthy diet before the stroke, he or she still needs to make some changes to his or her eating habits. Chewing and swallowing can be very difficult for stroke survivors, and your loved one might need to stick to liquids for a few weeks. As your parent’s jaw and throat muscles become stronger, you can reintroduce softer foods, such as cooked vegetables and oatmeal.

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5. Seek Emotional Support

Throughout your loved one’s recovery, keep a close eye on his or her emotional wellbeing. PTSD is common among stroke survivors, and many don’t know how to manage their emotions in a healthy manner. When mental health is compromised, it can be much more difficult to recover physically. At the very least, you should encourage your loved one to meet with a therapist or counselor. Your parent might also benefit from joining a support group for stroke survivors.

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