4 Signs Your Aging Loved One Might Have Alzheimer’s

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How to Identify the Signs of Alzheimer's in Seniors in Pembroke Pines, FL

Though Alzheimer’s can be difficult to detect and diagnose, especially in its earliest stages, there are a few red flags families should be watching for in their senior loved ones’ health and behavior. The Pembroke Pines Alzheimer’s care experts at Home Care Assistance examine a few signs that may indicate your loved one is developing Alzheimer’s.

1. Difficulty Making Plans

Planning a future event is an abstract notion that generally becomes difficult for seniors with Alzheimer’s. Placing multiple calendars and large clocks throughout a home can reduce the anxiety your loved one feels when the concept of time becomes confusing. Having a portable calendar your loved one can take wherever he or she goes is another simple way to keep him or her focused and organized. 

2. Withdrawal from Social Events

Many seniors become more sedentary as they grow older, but they should never completely avoid attending social events. Not only is social withdrawal a common side effect of Alzheimer’s, but a lack of social interaction can also exacerbate the disorder. Seniors who are uncomfortable interacting with larger groups of people can still benefit from receiving regular phone calls and having meals with their loved ones, and in-home caregivers in Pembroke Pines can provide regular social stimulation when a family is not able to do so. 

3. Frustration During Conversations

The frustration some seniors feel during conversations may be caused by hearing loss, Alzheimer’s, or a mixture of these two conditions. Seniors who have a family history of hearing loss should have their hearing tested at least once every other year. You can help your loved one by talking slowly, enunciating your words, and limiting background noise like music or the TV. 

4. Loss of Vision

The process of seeing and identifying an object is complicated and involves quite a few different stages. Many older adults who are developing Alzheimer’s begin to misidentify common objects or have difficulty recognizing various colors. Adults over age 65 should have their vision tested at least once a year so these issues can be identified and treated as quickly as possible. Optometrists can catch many medical conditions in their earliest stages, including Alzheimer’s, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

If you are concerned about your loved one’s cognitive health, consider hiring a professional caregiver from Pembroke Pines Home Care Assistance. All of our caregivers are trained in a revolutionary program called the Cognitive Therapeutics Method, which uses engaging activities to slow cognitive decline and delay the onset of dementia. For more information on home care Pembroke Pines, FL, seniors can rely on, call one of our knowledgeable Care Managers at (954) 374-8273 to schedule a free in-home consultation.


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