4 Signs Your Aging Loved One Is Unhappy

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How to Know If Your Elderly Loved One Is Unhappy in Pembroke Pines, FL

Sometimes families have a difficult time noticing when their senior loved ones are happy because the signs are not always obvious. It is important to know what to look for so you can help your loved one maintain his or her emotional wellbeing and prevent serious health risks. Pembroke Pines, FL, at-home care professionals discuss 4 subtle warning signs of unhappiness in the elderly.

1. Memory Loss 

When your loved one is unhappy, his or her brain may begin to age prematurely. Forgetting simple places, names, and things could be a sign he or she is unhappy. Do not assume these issues are occurring because of aging. Stress could be pushing your loved one’s brain toward cognitive decline at a much faster rate. Brighten your loved one’s mood and encourage him or her to participate in brain-boosting activities to help enhance his or her emotional wellbeing and possibly slow the progression of memory loss. 

2. Difficulty Sleeping

Being unhappy may lead to many sleepless nights for your loved one. Unhappiness also keeps cortisol levels high, making it more difficult to sleep during the night. To help your loved one sleep better, try to keep him or her away from stressful situations. Encourage your loved one to increase his or her physical activity as well because this can release more positive endorphins into the body. 

3. Lack of Socialization 

When your loved one starts turning down invitations to outings with friends and family, this could be a sign he or she is unhappy. Isolation can lead to depression and anxiety, which increases the risk for heart disease, strokes, diabetes, or heart attacks. Make sure your loved one remains socially active. Sign him or her up for community programs, including senior groups and aerobic classes. You can also organize gatherings where your loved one interacts with other people. Being unable to bathe and groom without assistance may also lead to embarrassment and isolation. Help your loved one with these tasks, or hire a respite or live-in home caregiver in Pembroke Pines to provide assistance.

4. Fixation on Death 

If your loved one frequently talks about death, he or she is likely unhappy with life. Living with chronic pain or an age-related disease may cause your loved one to become unhappy and feel as if life would be better once he or she is dead. However, you can help your loved one stay strong. Speak with a doctor about alternate treatments. Your loved one’s medication may be causing him or her to be depressed and unhappy. Never make your loved one think he or she is too much of a burden on you. This could trigger the fixation on death, and he or she may develop the desire to die and make life easier for you.

Even though unhappiness may be more difficult to notice than certain physical health conditions, it’s important to treat it with the same level of care. At Home Care Assistance, our compassionate caregivers can provide around-the-clock companionship and emotional support and assist with daily tasks like bathing, grooming, and dressing. We also offer comprehensive Parkinson’s, dementia, and stroke home care Pembroke Pines, FL, families trust. Learn more about our high-quality senior care services by calling (954) 374-8273 today.


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