5 Benefits of Seeing a Chiropractor Past Age 65

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How Seeing a Chiropractor Will Benefit Seniors in Pembroke Pines, FL

Each year, over 20 million Americans seek the assistance of a chiropractor, and many of these people are over age 65. Pain and discomfort in the back, spine, neck, and joints can be more difficult to manage at this stage of life, which creates a greater need for older adults to rely on chiropractic care. Pembroke Pines in-home senior care experts discuss 5 different reasons seniors should consider seeing a chiropractor.

1. Decrease the Severity of Neck and Back Pain

Trying to mask chronic pain with prescription painkillers is incredibly hard on a senior’s body, which is why so many doctors suggest holistic treatment options to promote long-term relief. Chiropractic care is not only extremely effective at minimizing spinal pain, but it is also one of the safest forms of treatment. 

2. Increase Range of Motion

Older adults who are no longer able to twist and bend like they used to might not be able to get out and exercise. Increasing their range of motion can open up a world of new opportunities in and out of the home. Chiropractic care can give seniors the ability to once again go on walks with their grandchildren or tend to their garden. 

3. Limit Joint Degeneration

Whenever a senior’s joints are not properly aligned, it results in unnecessary wear and tear. Over the course of just a few months, joint degeneration can produce a number of side effects, including chronic pain and permanent cartilage damage. A chiropractor can decrease the pressure placed on each joint by making sure it is properly aligned. 

4. Boost Digestive Function

The spine houses almost all of the nerves that control the digestive system. According to the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy, Americans spend over $1.7 billion a year treating irritable bowel syndrome and other digestive conditions. Regular appointments with a chiropractor can help alleviate issues such as nausea, diarrhea, constipation, gas, and bloating. 

5. Reduce the Risk of Fall-Related Injuries

The CDC claims 35 percent of adults over age 65 have a serious fall-related accident at least once a year. A chiropractor can reduce the risk of falling by adjusting a senior’s spine and boosting mechanoreceptor health. These unique receptors provide constant feedback from the environment and help seniors keep their balance.

If your aging loved one needs help getting to the chiropractor or other medical appointments, reach out to Home Care Assistance. In addition to providing transportation, our caregivers can assist with mobility and tasks like bathing, cooking, and grooming, and we also offer comprehensive Parkinson’s, stroke, and Alzheimer’s care Pembroke Pines seniors can count on. To learn more, call one of our knowledgeable Care Managers today at (954) 374-8273.


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